Lost in Translation

Famous Busy Crazy Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan.

Am I Lost in Translation? Maybe just a bit…

I’ve alway wanted to do a Photo Session here on this Famous Busy Crazy street. Another thing to do… to Check off!
I absolutely love Tokyo. Everytime I’m there I always find new adventures. The surrounding changes; fashion revolves, music enlightens, new restaurants in same locations, old restaurants with friendly smiles…the List goes on and on…

Spotted in the background billboard is Kana Nishiro. She’s my current favorite JPOP artist. I have her album memorized.

Head Gear + Flexible Bunny Ears = 109 Shibuya
Dress + Tokyo = Vintage
Ring + Cherry blossoms = XXI
Jewelry + Seashore Line =Betsey Johnson
Photo + No PS/RAW image= Chieko Kato

Special Thank you to BENNY AND CHIEKO. Miss you too Awesome down to earth people.
Tokyo i’ll see you soon.



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57 responses to “Lost in Translation

  1. tam89

    you look so cute.
    love the outfit. hope you’ll release your music soon.
    long time fan- tam

  2. hiro

    so lucky to have a photoshoot there.
    it’s really hard to get a permit?

  3. james burlington

    nice legs and you are super adorable

  4. deedeering


  5. rachelover

    love the style

  6. samiam

    pretty hi ai cherie hellooo my darling

  7. Cho-man

    Dang girl. You’re traveling a lot and always looking good

  8. Sumodave

    What a dream come true. You’re like one Lucky girl. And you’re such a sweet person good luck in jp I love you.

  9. Rayray

    Love u ova lunch

  10. Domino

    You’re so pretty!

  11. mishaLAH

    I want those bunny ears so cute πŸ™‚

  12. Banny Tan

    you’re just a perfect girl. really enjoy the way to put your self together, this first pic is my bg pic.
    can’t believe its not photoshopped you dont need it
    take it easy

  13. Benny Tan

    dreamgirl in tokyo

  14. rolljam

    really want that dress, one ticket to tokyo?

  15. emeralgrace

    can you do a styling video?

  16. dave-oasis

    sweet jelly

  17. BynnieQ

    I need to go to Tokyo someday

  18. bossymissy

    nice do your thing girl

  19. tamerindjones

    great style how do you walk around in such high heels?

  20. roman

    sweet like suga

  21. sandyseashell

    love the shoes

  22. CharmingDp

    I am mesmerized by you miss Ai Cherie

  23. mellowmelly

    so gorgeous

  24. ricksoloman

    that’s my girl

  25. xanders

    i really like this

  26. xanders

    when do you visit tokyo next?

  27. bettykai

    cute style ai

  28. likesunday

    where’s your next destination?

  29. besos-dave

    sweetie, you can go anywhere and look good

  30. Bathton

    I’m just a fan saying hi.

  31. Mymelody

    I’m dying To go shopping in 109 heard it’s like the best shopping in the world

  32. Starrynights

    Shopping time for me!

  33. simplesun

    looking at you little one

  34. nagano-kiwi


    i love tokyo too, been 5 yrs since my last visit.

  35. Joey

    Pretty and cutie in Tokyo

  36. Earth and zee

    Gorgeous πŸ™‚

  37. chi-chi

    love your style.

  38. Clkblk

    Adorable πŸ™‚

  39. Meekaa

    Hi Ai glad you’re doing well

  40. Dat-cool

    Tokyo is the coolest place I’ve ever visited!

  41. 108bico

    Ur a cutie

  42. Emily Cohen

    Must be so fun!

  43. marvin

    sooooooo frggin cute. tokyo looks cool

  44. rockus

    you’re an angel

  45. Petersjune

    Have fun in Tokyo πŸ™‚

  46. Dj toddy

    So fun so cute I love you!

  47. deeckerz

    how awesome are you. ai rocks in my book

  48. serenaaaaaaaaaaahhahaha

    i really want that bag

  49. green-gardens


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  51. wara

    i want to go to japan

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