World of Color

Why the frown?
Because I’m not a fan of leaving Disneyland.

Wonderful World of Color.
This water show is like nothing i’ve seen before.
Beautiful projections of numerous Disney Classics as I reminisce about childhood days.

We really do live in a World of Color.
Love the Inspiration and the Theme. Such a beautiful idea.

Before World of Color, like any little girl, I hoped back and forth between Disneyland and California Disney!

Space Mountain, my first ride of the day, and one of my favorite!

My first time on this ride.
All I can think about was Toy Story 3.

Yes you guessed it. I was singing “it’s a small world after all” the entire ride.

Outfit + Vintage +Brown Chanel Bag = Green Military Inspired 2010 Fall Fashion
Headgear = Disneyland (Free name embroidery)

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68 responses to “World of Color

  1. Prettygirl

    You look good everywhere you go.
    I really love the outfit.

  2. Mikey

    That’s my favorite too space mountain. Darn wish I went this weekend so I could’ve met you。

  3. analeigh

    such a fun person.
    world of color, i’m like wanting so bad to see it.
    cute cute dress and owl necklace

  4. san

    looking good ai

  5. cupcakelly

    i know what you mean, we live in a world of color and its nice

    what’s your favorite cupcake

  6. QTkia


    that looks good. i love your hat so cute
    just like you.


  7. merrick lo

    oO can i come to america to hang out w you?

  8. sana--mei-beibei

    i’m your fan from taiwan, ai cheri pls come taiwan you have many fans here

  9. cj

    gorgeous as always

  10. cj

    let me know when you come out to vegas again

  11. hawaiiboi

    Damn beauty

  12. jamieJAM

    love your chanel,

    work it girl, even at disneyland

  13. hiromi

    loooking good on the happiest place on earth

  14. jenni-fur

    on pt with the fashion trends that’s why i love your blog


  15. DANI


  16. shen-jian

    nice photos, nice girl

  17. yuzu=peach

    ai you’re such a cutie its no joke

  18. #1hero

    miss ai cherie

    i’m happy to see you have fun at world of color
    i was there last week, but i wish i went this weekend, only the chance to bump into you for an autograph.



  20. shu shu baby

    WAI so fun

  21. bduc8

    Hi Gorgeous ACC,

    Hope you had a nice time at Disneyland.

  22. kngnk

    I would frown if I had to leave you.

  23. fbr

    I like you so much. I’ll take you to Disneyland anytime you want.

  24. chket

    Ai Cherie,

    You look so adorable wearing Mickey Mouse Ears

  25. npax

    Anyplace with you there becomes the Happiest Place on Earth!!! 🙂

  26. rick pedro

    disneyland is def the happiest place on earth

  27. swt-tameli

    so fun >>>> wheeeeeeeeee

  28. Angie Lynn

    Most beautiful girl
    In the world.
    Sell billions of cd 🙂

  29. jamirer

    i’m a fan. i really like u

  30. ah-sha

    like the way you matched the silver and gold accesories

  31. d-beckham

    love this post girl

  32. ami-whine

    love this look ai!

  33. pb martin

    i love disneyland looks like you had a grand time.

  34. esty shoestring

    girl you sum it up

  35. emmawatson

    those are the cutest mickey eyes, didn’t know they come in white or did you make those?

  36. julianna

    you have like really beautiful hair and skin

    please share your secrets

  37. MARIO

    oh my B E A U T I F U L

  38. yuji kawasaki

    you’re sweet and bubbly

  39. everrett

    you’re damn pretty

  40. pammiecakes

    i always stop by to see what you’re wearing
    **goggly eyes

  41. mannytrojan



  42. fantasia

    have you ever been to disneyworld?

  43. penelope cruz

    lovin your style

  44. angelsoone

    i want the purse!

  45. pinky=aya

    love the outfit
    tokyo disney is better i think

  46. CharmingDp

    What’s up beautiful? When you getting back to Tokyo? Very much missed here. Keep doing your thing.

  47. mika

    i want to watch world of color too

  48. everetta

    Looks like a lot of fun, did you finish your turkey leg?

  49. whitegolds

    just love your personality even though I don’t know you but would love to meet you oneday.

  50. dave-oasis

    hello there ai cherie,

    you’re smile always makes me happy

  51. Angie Lynn

    Love your outfit sweetie

  52. ds-prints

    how often do you shop?

  53. duckynguyen

    you’re beautiful

  54. Annie

    I never wanna leave either.

  55. jamiecover

    really love this look

  56. Annie

    I want those Mickey ears

  57. river le

    yeah disneyland

  58. dpam

    hey ai glad you had fun at world of color

  59. starrygirley


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