FALL in Love

Outfit = Forever 21
Photographer = King Perez de Tagle
Location + Burbank Ranch = Special Thank you to Kelsey and Sherri

FALL in Love

As the weather cools down
little white bow on my head, like a crown
Now baby turn that frown
Upside down
Run your finger through my hair, bring me back around
As I Fall in Love
As I Fall in Love
With you…

(Hope you enjoyed my lyrics, inspired by FALL fashion, weather, feeling…)


P.S. Ever dream of owning a Pony?



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75 responses to “FALL in Love

  1. Annie

    Annie here,

    Really love your outfit in this photo, the horse is amazing time to go shopping. Forever 21 here I come.

  2. ohsands

    Yes I want a pony


    Yes I want that outfit, so cute.

  3. Jen-smize

    wow love this photo, everything is beautiful, you made forever look like Chanel

  4. missanders

    really love your site

  5. hitomi

    aw you look adorable

  6. mikey

    sup beautiful

  7. dolphinswim

    do you wear heels everyday? i just can’t do it

  8. cutie101

    that’s a really big bow love it

  9. jenna

    cute outfit indeed

  10. peachycakes

    how did you shoot at a ranch like that? i’m so jealous you look for good.

  11. bobby

    i’m bobby i love you

  12. kel-burnx

    and you do it again, so pretty

  13. jujube

    looking really good, how often do you shop at forever?

  14. nana~bella

    wow nice vid, didn’t know all those outfits were from Forever, really love this

  15. ?

    if you choose me, i’ll buy you a pony

  16. callmeAdam

    thats beautiful, you’re beautiful

  17. sharonray

    cute vid, are you the spokesperson for forever now?

  18. randon hapa

    great! can’t wait to hear the song ๐Ÿ˜‰


    FOREVER 21!!!!!!!

  20. rememberdecember

    those are very good lyrics, hope it’ll turn into a song soon for you.

  21. jellybeans

    what a darling!

  22. kicho-ninja

    i’m loving it

  23. demmit-reve

    sup dolly face, you’re just full of energy

  24. pinkygirl

    i like i like

  25. peegee

    awesome blog

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  27. misaka

    do you sing jpop?

  28. john

    wonder if you good at riding ponys?

  29. James H u a

    b e a u t i f u l B A B Y

  30. sharecher

    closest thing to perfection, billionaire baby

  31. himeprincess

    my style star

  32. 311

    nice set up dear

  33. sal~~!@jancie

    me likey ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. mymelody

    ai cherie

    that’s so awesome congrats

  35. ใ€œๅผ˜ๆจนใ€œ


  36. erika jones

    please tell me your beauty secrets

    you’re skin is perfect

  37. orangedream

    love forever you look great btw

  38. mayjay

    that photo just gave me a great idea

  39. river le

    i shop at forever pretty often, does that mean i’ll see you?

  40. bluebear

    love the outfit

  41. mark kim

    i’m in lovee

  42. Wei

    Hi girl I’m am u fan from Taiwan

  43. darian lo

    sweet girl

  44. deepmachanist

    have a good weekend ai cherie!

  45. epi-curious

    thank you deary,
    i shall go shopping now

  46. bunnyluv

    wish i was your friend, you’re like supercool

  47. Norton

    Dear ai Cherie
    I have a big crush on you”

  48. Norton

    Dear ai Cherie
    I have a big crush on you

  49. Oogiebee

    Smile bc I stopped by to say hi.

  50. swt.mariam

    i want this outfit, i didnt see it in forever today ;(

  51. sheena

    girls do love shopping

  52. Phijw

    Never mind the Pony.

    I want u Ai Cherie!!!

  53. Jay Y.

    Hi Cherie,

    wow you’ve been doing a lot of travelling lately.

    Hope things are going well for you!

  54. addycutie

    really love the outfit

  55. whit-whit

    really love this photo

  56. jordan

    smile you make me happy

  57. cookiepoie

    really diggin the outfit

  58. i shop at forever pretty often, does that mean i’ll see you?

  59. duckynguyen

    so beautiful

  60. dpam

    hey girl, really like this jacket, where did you get it?

  61. joseph

    i saw you in oc you’re so pretty, i wanted to say hi, but you looked busy ~>~

  62. dpam

    you’re truely a gem

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