Foodie Friday: Mastro’s Steakhouse

I do feel a little bit of Mastro’s in me. Hence, the outfit.
Jacket = Vintage Master
Shades = Tokyo

As Classic Jazz music overflows throughout the restaurant.
Dim lighting, simple laughter.
Mastro’s is a night of getaway from everyday life to celebrate great food with people you love.

Oysters to set the mood?

My beautiful and ever so delicious Bone-In Petite Filet

I love how it’s served on an extra hot plate, which allows me to cook my medium rare steak to medium. So fun!

Of course the Lobster mash is a perfect balance of creamy, and um…PERFECT.

At last the much anticipated buttercake! A perfect way to end the perfect meal.

Dear Mastro’s,
It’s true what they say about you.
You’ve taken my foodie heart away with you in first bite.
I love you. I adore you.
I can’t wait for my next visit.





45 responses to “Foodie Friday: Mastro’s Steakhouse

  1. Bombbay

    I love Mastros too. Looking lovely my dear

  2. juno-sa

    you’re the music in my heart ai! i’m your fan for life wishing you all the best

  3. jenna-stevens

    really love your foodie friday post

  4. juicyshannon

    lovin the jacket hot hot hot

  5. jackson in hong kong

    lovin it lah

  6. tjdind

    wow. you dine so well. can i dine with you?

  7. Jay

    Hi Cherie,

    Mastros huh? seems you liked it.

    Have you ever been to Ruth’s Chris Steak house?

  8. amof

    you have soooo much style and class

  9. 1tpcinr

    keep the updates coming!

  10. CharmingDp

    Yeh I totally like agree, really loving that look too seems like the trend nowadays

  11. kawa~yurika

    kawaii desu ne

  12. michelly

    love mastros next time get creamed corn, wayyy better then lawry’s

  13. tobin

    mastro pretty

  14. tobin

    looks like you had a great time ai,
    i need to head over there too

  15. serena

    fun times huh?



  17. jaw-mow

    i’m hungry now

  18. suszuann

    give me give me

  19. smelborne

    cool shades

  20. demilove

    you are always hook up

  21. some-sgu

    dang u can eat

  22. amberlim

    girl you doing good, just saying hi

  23. MR.SAMgator

    it’s my first time leaving a message here, hope you’ll see it.

  24. remedyao

    really love mastros as well.
    such a pretty girl should be dining there.

  25. raymon

    i love mastros! good choice, have you tried cut?

  26. shoestrings

    ai cherie
    wish you’d update everyday

  27. easy-melo

    you forgot the cream corn

  28. purrfect10

    great now i’m craving for this

  29. jerico101

    you’re such a foodie love you

  30. sivila

    never looked any better

  31. Qt

    Can’t wait for the next foodie Friday!!

  32. mishany

    steak galore

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  34. starrygirley

    perfect! I love Mastros

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