High Heeled

We may be suffering from this heat rush across the world, but FALL is in full action in my mind.
All I can think about are High Heeled Booties and how I can’t wait to wear them once the weather cools down.

My Top Five High Heel Booties


lace and mesh never looked better. retails for $625 via luisaviaroma.com


love the caged over suede look. retails for $850 via net-a-porter.com


louboutin finally made a shoe named after me, miss fast. retails for $1095 via saksfifthavenue.com


currently my dream shoes. retails for $525 via alexanderwang.com


this season most wore by celebs and most talked about bootie. sold out

What is a shoe loving girl to do… sigh~

top + crystals = vintage
cape +wore as skirt = maggie barry
photo = king perez de tagle

I’m dying to get a pair of the Alexander Wang.

Kardashians by bebe now has a similar item for less the price?

Alexander Wang or Kardashians by bebe?



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72 responses to “High Heeled

  1. mishany

    alexander wang zipper booties for sure, get on the wait list hun, want me to do it for you?

  2. shannon

    i’m drooling in shoe heaven, you have good taste girl

  3. MissyBlu

    aicherie you’re my fashion guru

  4. jep-machine

    ai cherie what’s up. looking hot in your photos and the shoe are hot. i say alexander wangs omg

  5. mov-hican

    shoe heaven here

  6. pinkybear

    so hot damn!!!@@#!

  7. juicygirl

    aicherie please take me shopping wit you i need help

  8. serenity

    such a model, why are you with the best agent this is dumb

  9. shen-wei

    pretty girl

  10. david chu

    will you wear that outfit on our first date?

  11. david chu

    you’re so beautiful

  12. david chu

    i’ll buy you your dream shoes

  13. david chu

    its really not a problem email me back

  14. pamannie

    cute love those silver once too

  15. caren taloy

    cute oufit, you sure know how to dress, do you do your own make up to?

  16. smith.jonas

    really love your attitude and cuteness, is that a word?
    aicherie you stole my heart ok. i’m still a fan of your music waiting for update about that.
    btw i’d go for the bebe save $ in this recession. but what do i know i’m a dude

  17. berrel

    so pretty so couture luvz it

  18. gina~lynn~

    maybe you should start a foundation to help fashion victims around the world

  19. hitomi-kiwi

    lol love the past photo how fun

  20. Qt

    Those shoes r just darling love the ones you have on too

  21. sucha-italy

    want all want

  22. Maryanna

    I want those Vesace

  23. viva la rena

    you’re perfect

  24. poshspice

    save up for alexander wangs hunny

  25. queenbee

    alexander wang all the way

  26. possychia

    perfect love the photos and shoes!!yah!!

  27. stellastarry

    just wanted to say thats a hot pic and now i wanna go shopping

  28. stellastarry

    and i really like your shoes too

  29. melorna

    awesome shoes love your taste

  30. s.smithen

    im a proud owner of the wangs, get on the waitlist girl it’s worth it

  31. sammycakes

    lovin the top skirt and shoes

  32. marinelucile

    teach me how to pose

  33. rayoflight

    perfection never came so close
    cheers to you honey

  34. jameschen

    hey ai
    what’s up, you’re so pretty

  35. aryanna

    Do your thang girl! On fire

  36. Brian Kim

    So pretty shoes and let’s not forget the model

  37. jagmbr

    Ai Cherie you redefine perfection

  38. Jay Y.

    Hi Cherie,

    Looking so classy and stylish as always!


  39. denmark

    pretty girl whoooHOoo

  40. Bbyami

    I saw your tweet how was the bazaar? I’ve always wanted to go. Guess that’s the next foodie Friday post huh

  41. chris

    one word: beautiful

  42. Mami

    Want want need

  43. gkles2

    u need to be cloned as much as possible cute girl!

  44. sojujen

    please take me shopping w you

  45. veronica

    hi dear,
    i work at saks, why don’t you stop by

  46. steven lee

    damn how do you walk in those?

  47. angeli

    so friggin gorgeous, looking forward to your bazaar post

  48. meiBABY

    super kawaii

  49. jorden`dash

    nice shoes nice girl

  50. young lee


  51. ray.remus

    pretty young thang

  52. koreanprnces

    i really like your site it makes me happy

  53. georgegayer

    lovin it

  54. Queenbee

    My jaw dropped. Must shop til I drop!

  55. i am lee from taiwan

    can i buy you?

  56. mr red rey

    lovin this sweetie

    can’t wait for next post, happy you’ve been busy

  57. Jennabanana

    Hot outfit loving it

  58. starrygirley

    alexander wang > bebe

  59. my melody marina

    i really want your outfit. i’ve been searching the net for days. it’s impossible to find

  60. Queenbee

    Aw aicherie even tough you’re a mixie I’m glad your true you your asian roots.
    You girls look fabulous

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  62. shoe-nana

    Im in love

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