Foodie Friday: The Bazaar by José Andrés

Dress + Lipsy London

As Summer is finally coming to an end, we celebrate my Best Friends birthday at The Bazaar. I wouldn’t have it any other way, since we are five little girl possessed foodie girls.

For all the things i’m grateful for in life, I must say i’m grateful for my taste buds.
I’m even more grateful to have great friends and family who share similar taste buds.
Guess eating good food is not only genetically built into me, but also surrounded by me.

I’m incredibly blessed to have visit The Bazaar twice in my life.

The Experience:

Cheers to The Egg!!!
Happy Birthday best friend.

The Egg:

The Caviar:

The Sushi Roll:

The Foie Gras:

The Iberico:

The Shrimp:

The Fungus:


The Coconut:

The Bread Pudding:

Our servers were kind enough to gift us a few more entrees taken by my iPhone
I also ate AIR for the first time! Delicious.

SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills
465 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(310) 246-5567

The Bazaar offers a wide variety of modern and exotic Tapas.
I really can’t explain what it does to my taste buds, you really have to experience this place for yourself.
The Bazaar has topped my list of Favorite Restaurants in the world.




55 responses to “Foodie Friday: The Bazaar by José Andrés

  1. starrygirley

    you finally posted. i know you’ve been busy, but i missed you.
    i love the bazaar too,
    try the french laundry if you ever come upnorth

  2. starrygirley

    btw love your dress. designer please?

  3. r.ley.may

    how are you so skinny?
    i’m jealous

  4. missjoeychang

    i’m in heaven looks so good

  5. missjoeychang

    i’m your fan from HK
    hope you can come here to perform someday
    heard you can speak cantonese fluently now thats cool

  6. joypinky

    gorgeous evening



    admire you natural beauty and talent to eat


  8. anthony chu

    just the way you are- bruno mars

  9. ahs`princess

    always been such a sweet girl hope you see you again soon

  10. Queenbee

    Aw aicherie even tough you’re a mixie I’m glad your true you your asian roots.
    You girls look fabulous

  11. jun largos

    i want me some air how cool what did it taste like??????

  12. sandyfanny

    please take me next time

  13. amber lynn

    looks fun and delicious

  14. michael tong

    wonder where your net destination is?

  15. bluejay

    you seem like such a sweet girl, hope i get to meet you oneday



  17. usc-melly

    let’s celebrate

  18. bruinjohnny

    sunshine and happyness on your face and this page
    wishing you all the best

  19. bruinjohnny

    to all the aicherie fans,

    it’s true she really is beautiful and sweet, I sat next to her in class.

    miss you darling, hit me up if you’re free

  20. lavenderlove

    i call this prettylicious

  21. itsjones

    pretty girl pretty day

  22. gina FB

    that looks fun

  23. gina FB

    it’s true is one to experience

  24. be-open

    cotton candy and foie gras i wanna try

  25. jellyhead

    the cotton candy foie gras looks so cute and yum

  26. bstbrR

    Ai Cherie,

    You are pretty and so are you’re friends

  27. devPbck

    Man have you ever eaten anything that wasn’t made by world class chef?

  28. Jay

    Hi Cherie,

    Glad you’re back in LA! e-mail me sometime, I’ve haven’t talked to you in a while!
    Jay Y

  29. Beegee

    Love thAt place

  30. missypinkis

    woweee you ate air how cool

  31. mikachan

    caviar and foie gras must have been a fun night wish i was cool like you

  32. hitomi machida

    so nice my dear

  33. johnston

    precious girls

  34. randy mow

    pretty girl

  35. jan jan bows

    love the place baller

  36. Angelobe

    Cotton candy looks so cute

  37. chester

    you’re my fave

  38. juju-becca

    happy labor day weekend,
    looking forward to your next post

  39. juju-becca

    btw i met you at anime expo sorry i forgot to post photo on your fb i’m a fan, you so cutie!

  40. gioni kimber

    i wanna eat there tooooo looks so yum

  41. i’d kill to go on a date with you

  42. Frankie

    Happy labor day sweetie

  43. sammie

    such a delight

  44. g-star-raw

    love this post

  45. maricko

    looks heavenly

  46. martinisland

    triple yum for everything!@!@
    cute dress girl!!

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