BACK to Black

Dress + Dark Silver Skulls= Thomas Wylde
Courtesy of Chic Little Devil
Photo + Shot in B&W mode + No photoshop= King Perez de Tagle

Fur inspired details is a must for FALL 2010.
I was in Borders studying Japanese the other day and I couldn’t help but look through all the fashion magazines. Besides, this classy number i’m wearing from Thomas Wylde, all these other designers such as Chanel, Gucci, Mulberry are dressing there models in their latest Fur Designs. From coats to heels.

Chanel Fall Fashion 2010
I call it
“Best Furry Friends”

Mulberry Fall Fashion 2010
I call it

Gucci Fall Fashion 2010
I call it
“Fur- Romance”

I’m excited for Winter 2010 Fashion now, even though today was the first day Fall arrived in Los Angeles. Time to pack my ripe shorts, rompers, and floral skirt away. I’m going into Fall in full gear. BACK to Black legging, booties, heals, purse, faux fur, etc.

Looking Fur-ward to Winter.



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46 responses to “BACK to Black

  1. martinisland

    i’m looking fur-ward to meeting you miss aicherie

  2. Frankie

    You look really beautiful, you don’t need Photoshop it’s true. I’m a photographer myself

  3. sue wang

    back to black i so get it.. that dress is pretty

  4. dot

    love it thomas wylde drives me wild!

  5. PM Dawn

    i want that dress omg.. and those crazy chanel shoes

  6. BlkPanDA

    you’re strikingly beautiful even in B&W

  7. amyiiiapple

    perfect fur!

  8. johnston

    give her a mic now

  9. kimmy tsuki

    oh ur gorgeous love the ads thanks ai

  10. chirp like a bird

    my melody

  11. yoyoyoyoyohiromitchi

    smile ai-chan, bc i love you

  12. sommersblue

    you stole my heart can i get a hug

  13. bolero

    nice you have such sweet eyes

  14. smith,who

    true beauty photoshop is not needed

  15. joe`lomdar

    thats a sexy dress r u wearing underwear? nice! sorry i’m a guy

  16. robbie lim

    those eyes

  17. jt

    you should be on the red carpet bet you’d be a show stopper

  18. bernie

    these photos are so classical

  19. lambert

    gorgeous hair and body

  20. l.shen wei

    easy on the eye

    my sissy loves u 2

  21. chanel-mika

    ai cherie

    lets go shopping

  22. charleyphoto

    magical and simply classic shots well done to you and the photographer

  23. marchesa darsling

    ai cherie NooNOONOoooonONOno please don’t chop your hair off, its gorgeous. it’s your real hair right, not extensions?

  24. adrina miss bee

    classy girl

  25. juno serrean

    that dress your wearing is super dangerous but i love it, want to buy one now

  26. BlondeSoup

    Some inspiration here. I want those channel fur real

  27. j-bowne

    who be the prettiest

  28. athcf

    looking fur–rific!

  29. pennnt


    Another new look but still looking great as always.

  30. Romeriz

    Pretty thing!

  31. DesireLpompom

    Really beautiful and romantic.

  32. Susuancakes

    Thanks for the fashion tips girl

  33. echohart

    girl of my dreams

  34. lindalome

    very pretty love your style

  35. ri ri osa

    this had everything to do with glamorous, keep it coming girl

  36. tandidandy

    you do look like serena here

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