Gossip Girl

Dress + Designed by my Best Friend
Jacket + Vintage
Shoes + Rock & Republic
Photo + Raw = Gabe Zapata

My best friend and I are big fans of Gossip Girl. The first episode of Gossip Girl season 4 starts tonight. I’m so excited, especially for the fashion. I love how Serena, Blair, Jenny and Vanessa, each individually represent different spectrums of fashion. And lets not forget how posh Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, and Dan Humphrey looks in their custom tailored suits. I can’t decide who I like best. My best friend always said I was more like Serena and she’s more of a Blair. Well, I can’t argue with that.

Speaking of…I love this outfit Serena is wearing. She looks super chic running around in France.

Serena Van Der Woodsen is wearing a swarovski crystal corset dress from George Chakra Spring 2010 Collection!


Which Gossip Girl character are you?




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80 responses to “Gossip Girl

  1. ri ri osa

    love blair and serena hate jenny

  2. martinoh

    you look super cute as a gossip girl

  3. lamgee

    serena = aicherie = both hot hot girls

  4. george chu

    love the first photo of you aicherie
    it’s not my phone top photo you are too adorable for words

    hope i get to meet you oneday
    i’m your superfan
    wishing you all the best in japan

    hope you’ll make more music soon, and don’t stop the modeling you are just a very talented girl

    wish to see more of you on tv too
    my mom thinks your sweet too

    anyway i have to get back to work now
    take care

  5. selena romeriz

    i’m blair! queen b

  6. hiro

    you have an angelic face

  7. cutie-amy

    wow girl you have BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL SKIN

    are you real?

  8. cutie-amy

    please tell me you skin secrets please

  9. cutie-amy

    love the dress too your best friend did a good job

  10. cutie-amy

    thought about it, think i’m more of a serena too

  11. JuicyGirl18

    om geee i love gossip girl too.

    you and i have a lot in common i’m having a gossip girl party tonight

    be nice if i can invite you, but you’re like famous

  12. BOBCAT






  13. andy

    such a darling little face, yes i’m a fan, my sister watches gossip girl i’ll tell her to check out your site

  14. Margie

    Xoxo my fave is Blair and chuck together but they drive me crazy

  15. peachy`chesia

    hi i’m andy’s sister

    you are soooooooOOOOOOO WOW cute!

    love your music too

  16. Ojsweet

    Love that show thanks for the link to the dress

  17. nadia scholer

    love the dress and jacket and let’s not forget your natural beauty

  18. Mylonelyhart


  19. jamie lee

    you pull off the innocent look well

  20. harold

    i’m a gay chuck bass for sure

  21. gg-henna

    nate is so hot, he’s my fave. him and serena and perfect for each other

  22. shoestrings

    you look like a little ballerina that dress it beautiful

  23. darrICK

    you have a nice body pretty face means perfect

  24. exfek

    How do you manage to always look so beautiful?

  25. waop2

    forget those other models, I just want to see pics of you

  26. brkjz

    terrific smile in the umbrella shot

  27. stellaELLA

    I have a girl crush on you.

  28. al~layah@yahoo.com

    ur beauty just doesn’t stop

  29. babbo||lox

    Serena is the best character to be

  30. myra simons

    really love this photo set, you’re my fave fashion model

  31. steroidssun

    nice collar bone babygirl and cute toes 2

  32. silvergirl

    your best friend sure can design, where can i buy one? so very want!

  33. sugarcakes18

    ai cherie

    i love all your dresses, fab very fab!

  34. masati verti

    you do remind me of serena, lovely dress aicherie!


  35. roseysweets

    come to france!

  36. junosummer

    sweet pea nice dress i want it

  37. rendapear

    nice set girl keep em coming

  38. salmit PI

    your expressions are flawless, very memorable

  39. kEllYyCupCAKES

    I’d love to meet you, wishing you all the money making best in music fashion food love beauty all over the world
    please tell me how you get that flawless skin?


  40. azolie

    agreed! RT @AiCherie: Tomorrow is not a promise today is a gift! Cherish people… Before it’s to late…

  41. barefoot

    sweet! love the idea!

  42. sukiri-kaniko

    come back to japan now

  43. tandidandy

    love the emotions you provoke in your photos

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  45. julzproud

    beautiful girls all over the world

  46. ramona

    this site makes me happy

  47. shawnpac

    aw you look like a princess

    princess aicherie ~.~

  48. simplegal

    love what you bring wish you were on the show

  49. reggie

    hey ai

    looks like you’re doing well, that’s all i want

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