Foodie Friday: Hearts, Stars, and Mooncake

Hearts, Stars, and Mooncake.
Unlike any other starry night, the Moon is fuller and brighter tonight.
Don’t believe me, take a glance out your window.

Mid-Autumn Moon Celebration or Happy MoonCake Festival 中秋節 celebrates the Moon for being its most round and full shape of the year.

In my family we celebrate by eating a lot of MOONCAKE!

Wish I can travel around Asia just so I can sample a mooncake in each country.


Of course they would have hello kitty mooncake!


HONG KONG- Tiramisu Mooncake

and…mooncake made with red wine?

Jelly Mooncake, can someone send me the recipe for this?

Ever looked at the moon and wonder if the same person you cared about is looking at it to?





61 responses to “Foodie Friday: Hearts, Stars, and Mooncake

  1. dave lindo

    the photos are jaw droppers darling

  2. marty

    so beautiful your eyes

  3. asondra

    love your personality in your photos

  4. bernardo

    beautiful doesn’t even come close to you!

  5. smilepea

    yes the moon~!~!!~

  6. angel~lynn~

    beautiful photos

  7. laCORD

    believer of Ai Cherie

  8. sk-boi

    Your eyes dance

  9. da-T-bird

    Those pictures are so colorful and so beautiful

  10. Jon

    Your eyes are windows to your soul. And you have a beautiful one. Hope you have a lovely time with your family and those mooncake.

  11. cadali

    love those photos

  12. chosy-pink

    love the make-up

  13. song-jenna

    jelly moon cake so cool

  14. rj

    feed me! btw you’re so beautiful love the photos

  15. maureen chang

    happy mooncake festival to you too

  16. rj

    how much moon cake can you eat?

  17. John

    You are flawless that photo is now my bg on my comp.
    Happy mooncake 2 u 2

  18. John

    Hi pretty girl hello again

  19. jy826

    Hi Cherie,

    been a while since we talked. hope you’re doing well.


  20. pd1yl

    your eyes are like Kathy Ireland

  21. blgrid

    you always look so good

  22. HelloAndy

    The moon is big thanks ai

  23. HelloAndy

    Did you hang your wishes in a lantern tonight?

  24. Alltheglitters21

    Really pretty photos

  25. 18Glee

    You’re so gorgeous

  26. sam anders

    beautiful doesn’t even comes close to explaining your beauty

  27. chou

    colorful interpretations

  28. marcus

    i’m you fan!


  29. marcus

    hope you’ll always smile

  30. kiwi-ana

    hi i’m ana from new zealand, i’m just stopping by and i heart you

  31. chrissy

    i really really love ai cherie’s style wish this was updated everyday

  32. brendaaaDA

    food and fashion 😉

    my mix 2

  33. bieberfever

    lovin you!

  34. Rebeccagrace

    Yes I do it all the time.

  35. Rebeccagrace

    Where did you get your make up done? It’s beautiful.

  36. ramanwh

    I want to put this pic for my screensaver!

  37. Calia

    I’m glad your an American who’s in touch w her culture

  38. BESOS12


  39. chocho

    really love the style and yes mooncake

  40. burn n' go

    it’s hot = you

  41. junno

    love these photo you and food so creative

  42. sugarland

    please give me some

  43. g-man

    i feel like there’s a beautiful story behind these amazing photos

  44. tigerstone


    will you evercome to hk?
    i will treat you to many mooncakes here

  45. shoga

    its what beauty is made of

  46. shawn storling

    would love to have the 1st photo as a wallpaper on the wall of my living room

  47. shawn

    would love to have the 1st photo as a wallpaper on the wall of my living room

  48. Rasha Fi

    Why is it I didn’t know anything about u before, But I’m happy to know you now

  49. Gia

    Pretty make up btw

  50. c-daniels

    cultural girl

  51. There is evidently a bundle to realize about this. I assume you made various nice points in features also.

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