Only Girl in the World

Ever wanted to hide away in the wilderness, and feel like the “Only Girl in the World.”
Or be the only girl in your significant others eyes.
No one says it best this season other then music/fashion icon Rihanna herself.

I love the way this music video displays a colorful blend of emotions bringing the song to life. And let’s not forget the amazing F-words: Fashion & Fierce red hair.

Dress + Vintage
A little Gold, a little Silver, a little Black.
Mixing colors and prints go a long way this season.
If you’re born and raised in Southern California like me, soaking up the summer sun may be a year long ritual.

“Want you to make me feel like i’m the Only Girl in the World…”



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43 responses to “Only Girl in the World

  1. bonifideangel

    love your style

  2. lomita

    fierce red hair haha

  3. jenjen

    love that vintage peice

  4. jenjen

    only girl is me 🙂

  5. annalye

    love this song

  6. fasterfoster

    in my eyes you are the only girl in the world

  7. dan-machins

    you’re beauty is only you, and you own it aicherie

  8. pattiecakles

    dress in on my want list

  9. missjenna

    really cute dress too bad where i live is way too cold

  10. alwayssummer

    always thought mixing colors was hard esp gold and silver but you make it look nice

  11. sunshinecorazon

    lovin that outfit

  12. sucha nortri

    reminds me of a bebe ad

  13. missy lovely

    there’s not denial to your beauty now do more music

  14. amBOBO

    share me your beauty secrets

  15. DannyManice

    Really like you’re taste in fashion, thanks for the updates.
    You rock Ai

  16. James

    She’s mine all mine

  17. Gigi

    Am the only girl yeah

  18. Weipinkygirl


  19. peachyice

    shopping time

  20. TeAMOdior

    Thanks for posting the video

  21. Weipinkygirl

    wish we were buddies you seem like a supercool person

  22. W HOTEL

    Dear AiCherie,
    A journey awaits you.

    W Hotel

  23. gem girl

    such a model

  24. Hartprincess

    So fab!

  25. Hartprincess

    Style is everything

  26. MambamELon

    Sup aicherie!
    Have you heard the rest of Rihannas album

  27. amileine

    so bronzed and beautiful

  28. junopun

    ha ha f words

  29. Glamdilly

    Just fab darling

  30. sarahjames

    you make it look classy

  31. arezusuzawahami

    You’re so Pretty!!!!!!!

  32. arezusuzawahami

    and yes I’m thankful for a my boyfriend who always makes me feel that way ^.^

  33. suhali

    you make that dress look good, but i don’t know if it’ll look the same on me

  34. loving all the vintage pieces! where do you get them?

  35. blonP man

    i’m curious do you have a significant other?

    i’d die if you did

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