Sparkle-ween + Halloween
Mask + Venice

I don’t normally dress up to celebrate Halloween. I usually have dinner with my family, stay at home, pass out candy, sit and count the days til Thanksgiving.
Actually for the past two Halloween seasons I was in Tokyo (counting down the days to Thanksgiving.)

I think I might actually dress up this year. I’m not thinking about any costumes, but a beautiful shiny dress. I just want to be myself, and go out to celebrate.
I want to Sparkle.

The true dilemma is which dress to wear. Because I’m obsessed with all these…


a classic HERVÉ LÉGER bodycon dress plastered in sparkles via net-a-porter


currently my favorite brand, along with all saints, this dress is just wow. i’ve already ordered it and can’t wait for it to come.


embellished sparkles over fur trim. via

If only I can fall asleep and wake up to a beautiful Anna Sui dress hanging in my closet.
Now how lovely would that be.

I’m ready to get my sparkle on this Halloween.
No matter how you celebrate. Hope everyone will have a fun and SAFE Halloween.
Happy Sparkle-ween. Oh I meant Happy Halloween!




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48 responses to “Sparkle-ween

  1. ddrey

    thank god you didn’t cover your beautiful face with that mask
    happy halloween to you to sweetie

  2. hirokun


  3. davidsanders

    ai you best know you’d look bomb in all 3 dresses.

  4. besoz120

    so where r u going for halloween, i wanna be there 2

  5. misstrina

    love all 3 dresses, you always know

  6. apple harlow

    i die i die they are so beautiful

  7. nadiA

    WOW for sure that rare opulence one is HOT. I WANT IT TOO

  8. pinkygirly

    ANNA SUI, SO this season, great time to go shopping omgoodness

  9. pandaberry

    i so need to go to LA. it’s freezing over here. cant wear that dress even is i wanted to

    aicherie, question, when are you coming back to tokyo????????

  10. robbie lim

    happy halloween 2 ya cutie

  11. syscli-sovelnia

    love how you choose a gold, platinum, and silver bronze one,

    my fashion idol

  12. nategeek

    you look like lady in the water.
    maybe you can dress up as her, but being ai cherie is more amazing

  13. 609sue

    i’m a designer whore too, do you like ysl?

  14. mr.baroli

    all 3 dresses are so different, buy all three and model in them i wanna see

  15. victok

    cool halloween twist on the idea

  16. rj

    where do you hang this halloween?

  17. pennyloaf

    beautiful dresses

  18. omar

    you’d make a perfect princess, and that wouldn’t count for you as dressing up, because you’re already a princess


    just saying

  19. dan=`1

    really should have your own tv show already this is obsurd, you’re like talented and beautiful, come one what’s going on.

  20. brenda so

    you’re gonna look fabulous

  21. solitude

    happy halloween to you too

  22. ヒロミ

    You’re beautiful

  23. omariah

    you look like a venetian princess

  24. sam unkin

    really adorable, you’ll look great in all 3 outfits

  25. Julie

    Why be someone else when being Ai Cherie is amazing.

  26. Milo

    Love those dresses

  27. Angie

    Happy Halloween

  28. Barcelona tou

    Happy sweet treat

  29. Trod s

    Thought you were in vegas. I saw you, pretty as always.

  30. nakamura

    excited for you come back tokyo

  31. nakamura

    i wanna see pics of you sparkle


    lovely miss ai.
    hope halloween is wonderful for you.

  33. Sushipoodle

    Hi Ai
    Have a good weekend!

  34. Marco

    You’re a beautiful person.

  35. Sophie

    Just Devine the dresses.

  36. sam unkin

    #stopbullying thank you for making awareness #weloveaicherie

  37. Sdtanner

    Such a nice girl!

  38. Mikachan

    Hurry we want music! When are you gonna make a debut in Tokyo?

  39. Analeigh

    Can’t wait for your next post :

  40. sueanna

    style princess

  41. As a Newbie, I am always browsing online for articles that can aid me. Thank you

  42. You are a very clever individual!

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