Foodie Friday: Roasted Garlic Beer Buttery Crab

Oh Mr. Crab, won’t you stop moving…

So one my really good friend had a house warming party. There was chicken, tri- tip, corn, really spicy sauce, and me (the girl who’s going to make crab for the first time in her life).

MY Roasted Garlic Beer Buttery Crab RECIPE
8 cloves of garlic
1 stash of green onions
2 bars of smart balance butter.
a lot of garlic salt
half a bottle of corona beer
and 1/2 cup of olive oil
(this serving is for 4 dungeness crabs || medium size)

diced garlic. place in foil. drizzle olive oil over the garlic. bake in a preheated oven at 350 (175°C) for about 10 mins, until garlic is soft. melt butter with olive oil in a large pot on high heat, add garlic, and garlic salt to taste. bring the fire down.

wash the crab one by one, i used fresh crab.
how to handle a fresh crab?
pick the crab up with tongs or carefully with your fingers.
making sure to grab the back of the shell, the crab can reach pretty far back under his body to pinch, but your upper fingers are quite safe.
or you can also grab hold of a couple of back legs on either side to immobilize your crab, but be careful not to break them off.
lastly, you can simply put them in you freezer for 5 mins to knock them out.

place crab, one by one into the pot of butter + olive oil + garlic salt (make sure everything is melted and mixed) taste the sauce to see if you like it.

brush the butter and olive oil onto crabs. dust garlic salt onto all the crabs.
put a lid over it and let it cook on high heat for 5 minutes.

cut the green onions (about 1 inch). open a bottle of corona (don’t worry if you don’t drink like me, the alcohol will cook off)

remove the lid, away from your face (so the steam won’t hurt you).
mix crab around, make sure every crab gets it’s chance with the sauce!

add a little bit more garlic salt (in moderation) green onions, and half a bottle of beer. cook for 10 more minutes

Roasted Garlic Beer Buttery Crab!!!

Try the recipe and let me know if it’s Crabulous?

Ai LOVE Cooking




52 responses to “Foodie Friday: Roasted Garlic Beer Buttery Crab

  1. sueanna

    wow ai that looks delicious, and the recipe sounds amazing, you’d make a good wife oneday.

  2. dachi

    damn wish my girl can cook like that

  3. Analeigh

    I’m drooling wish I was your friend

  4. melliakate

    ai, you either need your own show, or a resturant, so many boys and girls in line for you i bet and your cooking

  5. BOBBI


  6. darien

    awesome chef miss aicherie!
    nice place your friends live in.

  7. misterpinnaple

    yum how can I pay you for this?

    sounds so good

  8. angie

    give me wowooowww

  9. idnagirly

    yes ai cherie can cook!
    but she can also sing and write really good music.

  10. Analeigh

    My friend suggested more garlic! HAh

  11. bellomelo

    you got it girl beer and crab go hand in hand

  12. checkered nerd

    what a sweetheart your friends are so lucky to have you

  13. mj

    just yum you’re good at what you do!

  14. davie


    have you ever been to boiling crab?
    if not i’d like to take you

  15. zahara somes

    you’re a master when it comes to talent and beauty

  16. angiepie

    love your cooking make vids for youtube

  17. gstar

    well for the first time you did a mighty fine job

  18. misshaamber

    please get on a cooking show or something would love to see ya

  19. bestiejonas

    looks so good i’m drooling

  20. dannyucla

    are you sure it’s your first time ai! looking like a pro to me jkjk

  21. Xtard


  22. Jenni

    You’re so cute

  23. Annajonas

    That looks so good!

  24. JeanSiam

    Will def try recipe!

  25. George the chef

    Hi Ai Cherie,
    Looks like you’re doing well. Im definitely going to try that recipe out. I want to ask you where did you get this fresh crab from. I only see frozen ones. Please advise. Thank you.
    George the chef.

  26. Pisay Batambong

    Oh wow that looks so Yum!
    My mum
    Makes a very good tamarind crab, next time you should try that. But garlic is top choice for everyone I assume.

  27. nammer604

    you’re a serious talent. best of luck to you aicherie

  28. sammie


    it’s true aicherie is one of the most amazing little foodie cooking pretty girl i know.

    i miss you girl. miss your cupcakes too



  29. calorg

    Can I come over too eat with you and your friends?

  30. Jay Y

    Hi Cherie,

    are you back in Cali? Hope you’re doing well! As usual what you’re making looks tasty.


  31. ckdck

    Never mind the food!!!

    We want to see pictures of you Ai Cherie!!!

  32. Peter

    Hi Ai, have a good weekend.

  33. G-siam

    DAMN! What can’t you do?

  34. shu wing

    hi i am fan from china i have interest you

  35. soloman

    can you do a cooking tutorial on youtube, would be very fun to watch

  36. Angela

    Open up a resturant!

  37. borr123

    you’re so pretty and you can cook that’s really cool

  38. Kailin

    This recipe is incredible.

  39. George the chef

    You are quite the intelligent little chef. Ate you sure you didn’t go to cooking school.

  40. gennymon

    tried it and tried it again, i added extra garlic so perfect thank ai

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  43. Of course, what a great website and informative posts, I definitely will bookmark your blog.All the Best!

  44. everything you cook, confirm delicious

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