To be Cold or To be Fashion? Winter Night

head to toe + bebe

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Mine was filled with cooking, eating, volunteering, Urth’s Cafe pumpkin pie, Bottega Louie’s apple pie and eating some more. I had 3 Thanksgiving Dinners, I’m so Thankful.

Now the question is, after that big holiday meal, how do you to squeeze into a Holiday dress?
Choose a dress with a Corset Top. A dress with Dark Colors.
I’m wearing a black corset dress with soft petals.

Don’t you just love Winter Nights in Los Angeles?
It’s not too cold to wear a dress. To be Cold or To be Fashion?


P.S. Feel free to check my AMEBLO i’ve been trying to update that 1-5 times a day. That’s how we do it in Japan 🙂



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41 responses to “To be Cold or To be Fashion? Winter Night

  1. ambersexy

    so lovin it! to be fashion to the max!

  2. miss linda

    love your style, such a fashionista

  3. davie

    gorgeous, damn that lucky guy. damn him

  4. circlekellen

    marry me now i’m so in love w u

  5. pinkprincess

    pain is beauty!
    to be fashion

  6. moniKA

    love the whole outfit thanks for the idea!

  7. Daniel

    You’re the most beautiful girl alive~

  8. lavoknight

    hey hey you’re the bedrock girl, looking good there, happy holidays to you too. hope to hear more music from you soon


    TO BE FASHION!!!!!!!!


    my new wall paper, i think you’re so hot

  11. belavore

    you’re a brave girl, but that’s what fashion is

  12. butterflykissed

    you’re such a hard-working girl, wishing you the best in Japan, please make a debut soon aicherie~~~

  13. JataAm

    How can I book you for a gig? Wanna come to Malaysia? I emailed you.

  14. Wong Fu Li

    Dear Superstar AiCherie
    Please come to Hong Kong!
    I love you!

  15. Janne

    Thanks for the tip!

  16. stealmyheart

    bangs over the eye look


  17. AngelAngelina

    How do you eat so much and stay so thin, truly blessed.

  18. mavina lynn

    that’s a good idea darling, corset dress it is, love how yours doesn’t look like a corset

  19. JamesJames

    You’re so pretty

  20. SAMiam

    I think you’re perfect!

  21. g0star

    why can’t more girls come like you nowadays?

  22. sienna cho

    it’s true, living in LA …i went out in a dress last night!

  23. borr123


  24. George the chef

    Hey hey miss AiCherie,
    Looking lovely. You’ll look beautiful even if you throw a jacket on. Or I guess it’s a good way for your date to offer his jacket.
    Have a good weekend.

  25. Pamela Gomez

    I want that dress! You’re so lucky!

  26. Yoga

    Nice dress! I like this look(´・_・`)
    To be FASHION!!

  27. jenna soloma

    really loving this outfit, I’m thinking of leggings too right

  28. pam solonga

    nice such a doll

  29. Yoga

    Enjoy your weekend!

  30. dave P

    you look amazing like a beautiful mystical creature of the night

  31. SOmaZ

    DAMN yur Beautiful

  32. AyaChan

    Wow three thanksgiving dinners yet still fit into a dress. That’s a good tip aichan.

  33. Maryam


    Looks like you’re doing well. You are missed. It was nice to know you in middle school you haven’t changed one bit.

  34. Johanna

    Pretty dress shoes I
    Like this idea

  35. Keep functioning ,terrific job!

  36. borr123

    Hi AiCherie,
    How many inch heel do you suggest for a night out?

  37. borr123

    love the fashion mama

  38. sex

    Hello, I think your blog is epic. Congrats.

  39. sex

    I have browsed most of your posts. This post is probably where I got the most useful information for my research. Thanks for posting, maybe we can see more on this. Are you aware of any other websites on this subject.

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