Foodie Friday: Red O

jacket + vintage
dress + arden b
scarf + aritzia
knee high socks + tokyo
purse + chanel
heels + sam edelman

Here’s my cousin from Vancouver! I love her so much! Wish she can move to LA and Tokyo with me!

SOPES + Gleason Ranch Pork Belly black beans, salsa negra, sesame

Cheers to our SOPES!

TAMALES + Fresh Corn & Goat Cheese roasted poblano pepper, corn husk

Seriously some of the best tamales I’ve ever had.

TAQUITOS + Mazatlan Blue Shrimp roasted tomato broth, pickled vegetables

Some other things that we ordered:
Tostaditas + Grilled Mazatlan + Blue Shrimp roasted garlic mojo, avocado with jicama chip
Enchilada + Lobster + creamy roasted tomatillo sauce, freshly-made corn tortillas, melted
Sonoma Jack, black beans, ensaladita
Entrée + Pollo en Mole Poblano + grilled Mary’s young chicken, homemade mole poblano, black beans, watercress salad
Salad + The Red O Salad + romaine, Kenter Canyon arugula & water cress, roasted garlic-lime dressing, crispy tortilla angel hair, pickled red onions

Always room for dessert.

Fancy Buñuelos accompanied by Salt and Caramel Ice Cream

Thank you Red 0 for giving us girls such a memorable night and a beautiful table right in the middle of the restaurant.

8155 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Neighborhoods: Mid-City West, West Hollywood
(323) 655-5009




33 responses to “Foodie Friday: Red O

  1. amber

    Cute outfit!
    That looks good. I’ve been meaning to check out RED O.

  2. JazzyJacky

    Love the whole outfit, cute ring too!

  3. ohanalove

    lookin posh
    hope you get your wish

  4. miss.juliana

    i’m so hungry i’m a fan of your foodie fridays

  5. dave choi

    Just you 2 girl ate all that? whoa, call me next time I can help you out.

  6. alianajean

    you’re so gorgeous, cute outfit as always wish i saw the shoes too.

  7. burna-molina

    really love your dress, you make it look so expensive, wearing it well

  8. Jasmina Afan

    hi ai cherie
    i am your fan from the philippines hope you come to PI oneday

  9. Jasmina Afan

    Also if I come to LA (my dream) I hope to meet you and eat at all these restaurants

  10. andrew-maco

    you’re serious about food, cool

  11. MaoChang

    You’re so adorable ACC, it hurts!

  12. hector gomez

    you look so warm and cozy I wanna cuddle up to you, i’m a big big fan of yours ai cherie.
    i wish you all the best in tokyo and la.

  13. pobalno

    luv me some fancy mexican food

  14. YALIZA

    love your taste in FASHION!

  15. chiza

    sometimes you look more asian sometime you look more white. i’m mixed, i’m just the same

    hapa pride!

  16. MANNADA89

    AiCherie arrives!
    She deserve the BEST TABLE in the HOUSE.


    Really love the outfit! and your RING! OMG WHERE DID YOU GET IT?

  18. amalynn

    love your website!

  19. Johanna

    So fun!!!!!!! Sqeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  20. Good day I was fortunate to approach your website in google
    your subject is outstanding
    I learn much in your topic really thanks very much
    btw the theme of you website is really outstanding
    where can find it

  21. borr123

    Very Fun! Stunning Outfit and Great food! Live life to the fullest Miss AiCherie

  22. George the chef

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Red O is my personal favorite as well.


  23. Mika

    Love your outfit!

  24. Shawn peru

    I’m going there this weekend. Will you be there?

  25. red 0

    glad you stopped by

  26. stac stac

    oh la la nice

  27. chase-remi

    love the outfit cool ring

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