AiCherie in Christmas Tree Land

I’m here.
In Christmas Tree Land.

I’m searching…

and looking…

for the perfect Christmas Tree.

hat + tokyo
bag + balenciaga
dress + topshop tokyo
jacket + abercrombie
boots + vintage military

Happy Holidays Everyone!
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”



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37 responses to “AiCherie in Christmas Tree Land

  1. lexi

    merry christmas ai cherie!

  2. dav-graver

    cute outfit!
    which christmas farm are you at?

  3. smitten-pattie

    cute outfit as always

  4. e.jamie

    happy holidays 2 u dear

  5. STARlove

    Cute Caption

  6. kev

    you’re really pretty

  7. annabella

    how are you gonna decorate?

  8. My MikaCHAN

    Just got my tree too~


  9. jefflau

    Just stopping by to wish you a happy holidays too Ai.
    Wishing you the best for everything.
    Jeff Lau

  10. chauwei

    Dear Ai Cherie

    Hi I am your fan from Hong Kong.
    Please come to HONG KONG.
    And what are you doing for holidays?
    Are you going back to Tokyo soon?

    Chau Wei

  11. ANDY


  12. MisaGOgo

    I LUV AiCherie!

  13. dAVID


  14. oh amber

    sweeeettttttt dress

  15. Team AiCherie

    AiCherie 2011 superstar!
    Team AiCherie

  16. Jesus

    Must be a good workout!

  17. mermaid1

    did it smell piney?
    have fun decorating.
    bless you with many gifts

  18. jj

    That looks so fun

  19. Sayako

    Me too. Can’t wait to decorate my tree w my family.

  20. Adrian Alan

    Merry Christmas Eve

  21. jamie

    Merry Christmas Eve 🙂

  22. sh~!

    Merry Christmas…

  23. sheena

    Merry Christmas …enjoy

  24. Randy

    I want a tree too!

  25. Milan

    Happy holidays!

  26. GreenPantha

    Happy Holidays AiCherie

  27. Jaslyn

    Merry Christmas!

  28. Don

    Merry Christmas sweetie!

  29. Randy

    Happy Holidays AiCherie Please keep up the great work!

  30. bobaman

    You’re so fun! Wishing you all the best in 2011, it’s your year!

  31. joey

    did you get lost?

  32. Don

    Good afternoon AiCherie

  33. sh~!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
    Have a wonderful new year!

  34. sam i am

    pretty girl roaming around how fun

  35. man-jager

    cute as a button stay warm!

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