Happy Valentine’s Day + Happy Birthday

Dress + Maggie Barry Tutu courtesy of CLD

Without further notice February has been filled with festivities: Chinese New Years, in & out of the recording studio, Grandpa’s birthday, menu planning, valentines day, my birthday, and more to come…

Every year, one should Celebrate.
A girl, pretty dress, and a cake.
Yes it’s true, she loves Music, Fashion, and knows how to Bake.
Humble spirit, a believer in Faith.
The day she was born, with little hands
wishes to make a difference, one unknown to man.
A song whispers from her heart, only she can understand
intertwined with love, she reaches out with her hand,
a light of guidance from the brightest star, a silent wish, she Celebrates…



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100 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day + Happy Birthday

  1. jasper

    happy birthday day to the most beautiful girl in the world

  2. analeigh

    i love your skin, and yes happy birthday to you miss pretty

  3. D-ROSS

    drums roll~!@##$$ MISS AICHERIE~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  4. gem-stone

    happy bday

  5. aiko wasuda

    can’t wait for your photobook, i’ve been wanting it forever now


    happy birthday adorable girl

  6. yaya-brandie

    i love your dress u look like a princess

  7. shawn ahs

    happy birthday to the sweetest most talented girl on the planet 🙂

  8. qt1098

    can’t wait to hear you new music happy birthday
    happy birthday happy birthday

  9. questoflove

    beautiful birthday girl, may all your wishes come true

  10. sean london

    to looking beautiful and speaking words from angels ai cherie, here’s to you happy birthday

  11. martin

    wowowwwooo yes i love you and happy bday

  12. shay-shimon

    Happy birthday.



  14. yo=papa

    happiiii early birthday girl

  15. SelenaBieber

    Happy Early Birthday sweetie

  16. MisterModby

    Looking good sweets happy birthday.

  17. SHUSHU

    Happy birthday to you. I’M SCREAMING bc i can’t wait for the photobook

  18. miraclesdohappen

    Happy birthday sweetie, i love your music and taste in fashion. Hopefully you’ll have your own fashion line one day. i’m a fan

  19. jamminsunlight

    happy early bday

  20. be-johnniq

    happy early b`day to u swetie`

  21. powdersexy

    love your writing you’re a gifted individual, may your early bday celebration be filled with joy

  22. don p.

    happy early bday keep writing and creating bc it’s so good babycakes

  23. missha

    where are you celebrating?

  24. wendy tanabe

    happy early birthday girl bet it’ll be glamorous

  25. susie

    happy early bday

  26. mariko

    enjoy ur early bday, plz come back to japan

  27. jojo

    yes let’s celebrate happy early bday

  28. nadalie

    hey girl happy early bday

  29. wintersam

    love the sneakpeak, i can connect with your music, keep on going ai cherie, best of luck to you in tokyo and happy early bday

  30. swetiepie18

    happy birthday love you so much sweet humble girl

  31. joy-joe

    sweetie you’re so beautiful and you know it bday to u

  32. sammiepinky

    hppy bday gorgeous, can’t wait to see the photobook

  33. Woe chun

    Hi AiCherie,
    How are you?
    I’m assuming well, as usual your beauty is stunning. You’re a rare beauty because you’re so beautiful on the inside. 2011 is your year. Very excited for your photobook and music.

  34. Shannon

    Happy Early Birthday.

  35. sammiepinky

    happy bday

  36. ripstuck

    Happy B-day Beautiful one

  37. Liana

    Happy Birthday!

  38. Hiromitchi

    Otanjoubi Omedetou

  39. Susie

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ichiro Tanabe

    Happy Birthday beautiful(⌒-⌒; )



  42. geradine


    happy birthday looking forward to your music and photobook

  43. QTconnie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY love you

  44. pinkyboba

    Dear AiCherie,

    Happy Birthday to you.

  45. auroa lee

    happy birthday

  46. donne chu

    awesome awesome!!
    happy birthday sweetie!!

  47. sonny trang

    hi cutie happy birthday

  48. annngiieee

    hey girl

    have a good one. can’t wait for the photobook

  49. regalhon

    happy birthday princess

  50. leon li

    ·٠•●♥ 生٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶日٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶快٩(-̮̮̃•̃)٩樂۶ ♥●•٠·˙

  51. lisa missha

    happy birthday ai cherie you’re such a sweet hear wishing you all the best

  52. sue chen

    happy birthday
    happy vday
    happy chinese new year

  53. chinaV

    you’re so pretty! yeah go celebrate~

  54. smith88

    thank you the lord for making someone this beautiful on this day.
    happy birthday ai cherie

  55. jazzcat

    happy birthday beautiful

  56. j.onestone

    happy birthday cutie pie
    wish you get as many cupcakes as you want and all the wishes in the world will come true for you because you’re a beautiful person not only on the outside, but on the inside.
    looking forward to your music and wisdom as well as your food ventures

  57. sam eddie

    happy bday bless the day you’re born

  58. SweetSilence

    Happy Birthday girl

  59. beibeiQT

    you’re skin is like milk, happy bithday la

    beibei from hong kong

  60. Mao

    Happy Birthday Ai Cherie. You’re a talented young lady, I look forward to your news here in Asia.
    Mao Leung


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!

  62. amadine

    hey there aicherie.
    just wishing you a very happy birthday

  63. Ichiro Tanabe

    Happy Birthday

  64. Helen

    Hi AiCherie
    Cheers to you.

  65. Dogoodboy

    Princess aicherie, happy birthday

  66. ryo tanaka

    princess ai cherie

    happy birthday now come back to tokyo

  67. sunshinegirl

    happy birthday

  68. penelope

    happy birthday my dear

  69. gina ahs

    happy birthday girl

    your high school friend,

  70. lilly mayfield

    happy birthday pretty girl. i want that photobook

  71. PAMMIE


  72. flipboi69

    happy birthday ai cherie

  73. smileyprincss

    happy birthday

  74. I always needed to write on my website something like that. Can I include a part of your post to my blog?

  75. over the hill top i see you

    happy birthday miss talented and beautiful ai cherie

  76. indoboi

    Happy Birthday AiChan. sorry i’m late…gagaga

  77. arianna

    happy birthday

  78. missannie

    happy belated sweetheart

  79. John Hwang

    Happy Belated birthday!

  80. Bobby Tam

    Happy Belated Birthday! I miss you beautiful!

  81. naruto143

    You’re so pretty bless you on your birthday.

  82. Sippammy

    Happy belated birthday.

  83. Ravie Samatang

    You look like a pretty birthday cake.

  84. Icelove

    Happy Belated birthday.

  85. Chole

    Happy birthday! I’m late but I heart you

  86. maria vu

    happy belated birthday beautiful hope you had a blast

  87. Jen

    Happy belated bday girl.

  88. Can we get back on topic please. Everything seems to have gotten off the subject. Some of these comments are unbelievable.

  89. Simona

    Happy Belated birthday girlie. How r u?

  90. MissAngelbaby

    Happy Belated birthday.

  91. Joy Chau

    Happy belated birthday.

  92. ma ella

    excited for your photobook

  93. yaya princess

    happy belated birthday
    i’m your fan from hk! please come to hk~


    aw nice photo, can’t wait for photobook, love the other photo too. what happened to it?

  95. albert lee

    wow nice is that the cover?

  96. jerry

    love both photos

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