Happy March Everyone!
Back in February I made friends with some wildlife animals 🙂

Jacket + Hackley + Saks Fifth Ave
Dress/Shirt + L.A.M.B.
Beanie + Downtown L.A.
Jewerly + Sterling Silver + Precious Stones + Nordstrom
Bag + Prada
Biker Boots + Nordstrom
Leggings +Zara

Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL.




Time to feed you.

The San Diego Wildlife Zoo is such a wonderful place. They build habitats that provide a natural living space for these Wildlife animals to feel right at home. I’m glad my wildlife friends are living in a safe place.

My dear Giraffe! See you soon!



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68 responses to “Wildlife

  1. jerry

    I think the giraffe has a crush on you. I don’t blame him

  2. oin-princess

    how cute, you’re such a fun person to be around love the vid, pls upload more. great energy

  3. wildboi12

    wow the giraffe is pretty, how are you friends? returning there soon?

  4. tamara grey

    awesome never knew you could do that, i’ll def check out sd wildlife zoo

  5. sammie chung cha

    i want a giraffe to now, how pretty…

  6. yellowfairy

    love your style, so cute at the zoo


  7. pinkyboba

    love the vid girl, keep it up

  8. ami-chan

    fun!!!!!!! sqeeeeeeeeee!!! you’re so cute!

  9. gigi

    i wanna go now, cool

  10. juliet

    i’ve been trying to get my hands on some Hackley stuff, thanks ai

  11. ammaini lewino

    does this mean you’re gonna stop wearing prints?

  12. almond joy

    aw you’re so sweet

  13. annaliegh

    joy to the world~

  14. hiromichi

    hope you come back to tokyo soon 🙂

  15. sam i am

    how cute are you?

  16. emily johnson

    they do have a good life and it’s nice to know that you care

  17. mj

    you’re so pretty

  18. owlman

    i def like you

  19. Aaron A


    How are you? That’s really cool, congrats.
    Hope to meet you oneday someday soon?

  20. Spell Don

    i CAN BUY you a Giraffe is you want, I just want your love in return.

  21. Yujin

    Happy March to you Ai-chan, hope to see you back here in Tokyo. It’s your year here.

  22. myjustice

    you’re an intelligent and beautiful young woman, don’t let the world take that from you.

  23. animallover

    i’m glad bc these wild animals deserve that

  24. jensome

    i want me one too

  25. j-wow

    come here lion meow~@#$%%^&&**

  26. dave sterling

    beauty of natural like and beauty of aicherie! all natural things

  27. rovie rueynfaya

    i wann be your friend too how do i sign up?

  28. mark m

    cutie pie. always have been

    `mark m

  29. jay park

    i’d like to share the wildlife with u

  30. r. yoshi

    oh man you’re a cutie

  31. Beastly

    Euroasiangirls ftw!!!

  32. R

    The first and last photos are really awesome. Looks like you did make good friends out there in the wild.

  33. i am the following at this moment and would similar to to mention thank you for any superb blog posting

  34. Wyoming

    Beautiful photos there

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  36. Stellastar

    Lovely, glad u made new friends.

  37. valeni

    pretty fun weeeeHHHHhhh

  38. ripstuckey

    Those animals are so lucky to spend time with you and be fed by you Ai Cherie!

  39. melodypie

    looks fun~

  40. shannon lim

    you’re so cute and talented~
    i’m a big fan!!

  41. Amri Tanisantos

    That looks fun~
    You’re so pretty

  42. misty may

    you’re so pretty love the vid 🙂

  43. E108

    I’m so glad you’re not in japan~
    I’m so glad you safe in LA

  44. tani-hime

    thank you aicherie you’re the best and sweetest yes pray for japan

  45. amberlee

    love your nails do a tutorial

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  54. bobo

    that looks fun

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