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Happy March Everyone!
Back in February I made friends with some wildlife animals 🙂

Jacket + Hackley + Saks Fifth Ave
Dress/Shirt + L.A.M.B.
Beanie + Downtown L.A.
Jewerly + Sterling Silver + Precious Stones + Nordstrom
Bag + Prada
Biker Boots + Nordstrom
Leggings +Zara

Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL.




Time to feed you.

The San Diego Wildlife Zoo is such a wonderful place. They build habitats that provide a natural living space for these Wildlife animals to feel right at home. I’m glad my wildlife friends are living in a safe place.

My dear Giraffe! See you soon!



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Happy Valentine’s Day + Happy Birthday

Dress + Maggie Barry Tutu courtesy of CLD

Without further notice February has been filled with festivities: Chinese New Years, in & out of the recording studio, Grandpa’s birthday, menu planning, valentines day, my birthday, and more to come…

Every year, one should Celebrate.
A girl, pretty dress, and a cake.
Yes it’s true, she loves Music, Fashion, and knows how to Bake.
Humble spirit, a believer in Faith.
The day she was born, with little hands
wishes to make a difference, one unknown to man.
A song whispers from her heart, only she can understand
intertwined with love, she reaches out with her hand,
a light of guidance from the brightest star, a silent wish, she Celebrates…


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Three Wise Monkeys

See No Evil

Jacket + “Evil Twin” Leopard Print Cape
Earrings + Vintage

Hear No Evil

Speak No Evil

Like the Three Wise Monkeys once said “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” Certainly important to live by.

A similar meaning in Chinese —> Analects of Confucius: “Look not at what is contrary to propriety; listen not to what is contrary to propriety; speak not what is contrary to propriety; make no movement which is contrary to propriety” (非禮勿視, 非禮勿聽,非禮勿言, 非禮勿動)

Have you notice how big the moon is lately? That’s because Chinese New year is around the corner. It’s always the most important celebration for my family. I’m excited for all the festivities this week.
Chinese New Year is on Feb 3rd.

Happy Chinese New Years Everyone!
新年快乐 “sen lin fai lok”
恭喜发财 “gong hei fat choi”



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Minimal White

Anything but “white.” – Francisco Costa (Calvin Klein)

Minimal White + Asymmetry = Spring 2011
Photographer = Gabe Z

Winter came and gone…
My heart sings a new song…
Cover in shades of white, I float along…
a little lake awakes a beautiful Swan…
LOVE is found at the break of Dawn…


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Happy New Year + 2011

So much to look forward to for the New Year!
Happy New Year Everyone!
Happy 2011!



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AiCherie in Christmas Tree Land

I’m here.
In Christmas Tree Land.

I’m searching…

and looking…

for the perfect Christmas Tree.

hat + tokyo
bag + balenciaga
dress + topshop tokyo
jacket + abercrombie
boots + vintage military

Happy Holidays Everyone!
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”


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Baby It’s Cold Outside

dress + H&M
lace leggings + fur beanie + leg warmers = tokyo japan
earrings + forever 21
flats + tory burch
eyes + glitter

On a warm December day.
No clouds come out to play.
It was a warm weekend in LA.
Only sunshine shoots it’s rays.
– AiCherie

Music for thought. Love this version by Glee.
Baby it’s Cold Outside.


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