Baby It’s Cold Outside

dress + H&M
lace leggings + fur beanie + leg warmers = tokyo japan
earrings + forever 21
flats + tory burch
eyes + glitter

On a warm December day.
No clouds come out to play.
It was a warm weekend in LA.
Only sunshine shoots it’s rays.
– AiCherie

Music for thought. Love this version by Glee.
Baby it’s Cold Outside.



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Foodie Friday: Red O

jacket + vintage
dress + arden b
scarf + aritzia
knee high socks + tokyo
purse + chanel
heels + sam edelman

Here’s my cousin from Vancouver! I love her so much! Wish she can move to LA and Tokyo with me!

SOPES + Gleason Ranch Pork Belly black beans, salsa negra, sesame

Cheers to our SOPES!

TAMALES + Fresh Corn & Goat Cheese roasted poblano pepper, corn husk

Seriously some of the best tamales I’ve ever had.

TAQUITOS + Mazatlan Blue Shrimp roasted tomato broth, pickled vegetables

Some other things that we ordered:
Tostaditas + Grilled Mazatlan + Blue Shrimp roasted garlic mojo, avocado with jicama chip
Enchilada + Lobster + creamy roasted tomatillo sauce, freshly-made corn tortillas, melted
Sonoma Jack, black beans, ensaladita
Entrée + Pollo en Mole Poblano + grilled Mary’s young chicken, homemade mole poblano, black beans, watercress salad
Salad + The Red O Salad + romaine, Kenter Canyon arugula & water cress, roasted garlic-lime dressing, crispy tortilla angel hair, pickled red onions

Always room for dessert.

Fancy Buñuelos accompanied by Salt and Caramel Ice Cream

Thank you Red 0 for giving us girls such a memorable night and a beautiful table right in the middle of the restaurant.

8155 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Neighborhoods: Mid-City West, West Hollywood
(323) 655-5009



To be Cold or To be Fashion? Winter Night

head to toe + bebe

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Mine was filled with cooking, eating, volunteering, Urth’s Cafe pumpkin pie, Bottega Louie’s apple pie and eating some more. I had 3 Thanksgiving Dinners, I’m so Thankful.

Now the question is, after that big holiday meal, how do you to squeeze into a Holiday dress?
Choose a dress with a Corset Top. A dress with Dark Colors.
I’m wearing a black corset dress with soft petals.

Don’t you just love Winter Nights in Los Angeles?
It’s not too cold to wear a dress. To be Cold or To be Fashion?


P.S. Feel free to check my AMEBLO i’ve been trying to update that 1-5 times a day. That’s how we do it in Japan 🙂


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White Winter Wonderland

A White Winter Wonderland indeed.

romper + vintage = halston
necklace + belt = j crew
heels = rock & republic

Who can forget Carrie Bradshaw in this modern day Halston Heritage piece? Elegant and classy.

Vintage or modern?


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Foodie Friday: Roasted Garlic Beer Buttery Crab

Oh Mr. Crab, won’t you stop moving…

So one my really good friend had a house warming party. There was chicken, tri- tip, corn, really spicy sauce, and me (the girl who’s going to make crab for the first time in her life).

MY Roasted Garlic Beer Buttery Crab RECIPE
8 cloves of garlic
1 stash of green onions
2 bars of smart balance butter.
a lot of garlic salt
half a bottle of corona beer
and 1/2 cup of olive oil
(this serving is for 4 dungeness crabs || medium size)

diced garlic. place in foil. drizzle olive oil over the garlic. bake in a preheated oven at 350 (175°C) for about 10 mins, until garlic is soft. melt butter with olive oil in a large pot on high heat, add garlic, and garlic salt to taste. bring the fire down.

wash the crab one by one, i used fresh crab.
how to handle a fresh crab?
pick the crab up with tongs or carefully with your fingers.
making sure to grab the back of the shell, the crab can reach pretty far back under his body to pinch, but your upper fingers are quite safe.
or you can also grab hold of a couple of back legs on either side to immobilize your crab, but be careful not to break them off.
lastly, you can simply put them in you freezer for 5 mins to knock them out.

place crab, one by one into the pot of butter + olive oil + garlic salt (make sure everything is melted and mixed) taste the sauce to see if you like it.

brush the butter and olive oil onto crabs. dust garlic salt onto all the crabs.
put a lid over it and let it cook on high heat for 5 minutes.

cut the green onions (about 1 inch). open a bottle of corona (don’t worry if you don’t drink like me, the alcohol will cook off)

remove the lid, away from your face (so the steam won’t hurt you).
mix crab around, make sure every crab gets it’s chance with the sauce!

add a little bit more garlic salt (in moderation) green onions, and half a bottle of beer. cook for 10 more minutes

Roasted Garlic Beer Buttery Crab!!!

Try the recipe and let me know if it’s Crabulous?

Ai LOVE Cooking




Sparkle-ween + Halloween
Mask + Venice

I don’t normally dress up to celebrate Halloween. I usually have dinner with my family, stay at home, pass out candy, sit and count the days til Thanksgiving.
Actually for the past two Halloween seasons I was in Tokyo (counting down the days to Thanksgiving.)

I think I might actually dress up this year. I’m not thinking about any costumes, but a beautiful shiny dress. I just want to be myself, and go out to celebrate.
I want to Sparkle.

The true dilemma is which dress to wear. Because I’m obsessed with all these…


a classic HERVÉ LÉGER bodycon dress plastered in sparkles via net-a-porter


currently my favorite brand, along with all saints, this dress is just wow. i’ve already ordered it and can’t wait for it to come.


embellished sparkles over fur trim. via

If only I can fall asleep and wake up to a beautiful Anna Sui dress hanging in my closet.
Now how lovely would that be.

I’m ready to get my sparkle on this Halloween.
No matter how you celebrate. Hope everyone will have a fun and SAFE Halloween.
Happy Sparkle-ween. Oh I meant Happy Halloween!



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Foodie Friday: Organic Enchiladas

Making home-made Enchiladas is actually really fun and easy.
But the toughest part is deciding what to stuff it with.
I decided on traditional Enchiladas with a touch of spiciness.

Here’s what you’ll need (I bought everything at Wholefoods):
1 1/2lbs. grass fed ground beef
1/4 cup finely chopped organic yellow onion, chopped
12 oz. cheese (I got the Mexican blend)
1 dozen organic corn tortillas
vegetable or canola oil
8 cloves of garlic, minced (optional)
2 jalapenos (optional)

Things I bought from Trader Joes
1 jar of enchilada sauce
1 can of crushed fire roasted tomatoes
organic sour cream
1 can of organic baked black beans
organic tomato paste (5 Tbsp)


1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and season the grass fed ground beef with 2 teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of sugar, and a pinch of pepper (optional). Chop onion, mince garlic, slice jalapenos.

2 In a large fry pan at high heat add one tortilla at a time. Cook for 2-3 seconds, lift up the tortilla with a spatula, add another tortilla underneath. Cook for 2-3 seconds, lift again, both tortillas, and add another tortilla underneath. Repeat the process with all the tortillas. After you remove the tortillas, stack them up and cover with a towel.

3And now for the stuffing: sauté the chopped onions and grass fed ground beef. Dissolve 5 Tbsp of tomato paste into 1/2 cup of water. Add 1 can of crushed fire roasted canned tomatoes. Add both ingredients to pan, sauté till everything is cooked.

4 Brush Enchilada sauce on the bottom of a large casserole bowl. Take a tortilla, add a little shredded cheese, add a generous amount of STUFFING, then roll up the tortilla and place it in the casserole bowl. Continue until the casserole bowl is full. Brush sauce onto the top of the tortillas. Cover the whole thing with the rest of the grated cheese. Put the casserole in the oven for 10 minutes or until the cheese melts.

5 I want to get a little creative with mine, so I added mince garlic and sliced jalapenos.

I say more garlic! Yes MORE GARLIC Please!

Now don’t forget to cover the whole thing with more enchilada sauce, grated cheese.
Lastly, you must put this in the oven for casserole in the oven for 10 minutes or atleast until the cheese melts (I know you’re probably starving by now).

6 For the sides I decided on organic sour cream, guacumole, and organic baked beans.

Serves 6.

Oh how can you have Mexican food without Horchata.

Dinner is served!

Ai LOVE cooking