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Foodie Friday: BACON

summer mode + the social network private screening + free people

Something sweet and something salty…

In this day and age when I talk about BACON, I’m not talking about your regular BLT (in fact I haven’t had one of those in ages)
I’m talking about BACON all dressed up.

First stop: Maple BACON Cupcake

I never knew such a heavenly thing could exist. This is TDF (too die for), yes I called it.
Not too sweet not too salty, just perfect.

BACON in every bite! my delight cupcakery is one of my favorite cupcake joints. Enjoy.

Second Stop: Maple BACON Donut

Been a regular at Nickel Diner for a while now, I’ve finally decided to share this with you.

Third Stop: BACON Chocolate Bar

photo courtesy of latimes

Animal is decadent, high-end, creative and BACON!

Bacon To Be Eaten List

Krispy Kremes BACON Dount Cheeseburger also know as The Luther Burger

photo courtesy of ccaviness

There’s no need to dare me to eat this, because I’ve already insert this in my foodie itinerary. Now I must visit New York someday.

Lastly I need to chase down that Cool Haus Ice Cream Truck because i’m dying to try their brown buttered bacon ice cream.

They say everything is better with BACON, i’m beginning to agree.