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Three Wise Monkeys

See No Evil

Jacket + “Evil Twin” Leopard Print Cape
Earrings + Vintage

Hear No Evil

Speak No Evil

Like the Three Wise Monkeys once said “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” Certainly important to live by.

A similar meaning in Chinese —> Analects of Confucius: “Look not at what is contrary to propriety; listen not to what is contrary to propriety; speak not what is contrary to propriety; make no movement which is contrary to propriety” (非禮勿視, 非禮勿聽,非禮勿言, 非禮勿動)

Have you notice how big the moon is lately? That’s because Chinese New year is around the corner. It’s always the most important celebration for my family. I’m excited for all the festivities this week.
Chinese New Year is on Feb 3rd.

Happy Chinese New Years Everyone!
新年快乐 “sen lin fai lok”
恭喜发财 “gong hei fat choi”




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April 17th 2008 “Traditions!”

Yes I’m back in Japan again!

I went to the observatory in Shinjuku today!
I learned more about Japanese tea ceremony and I even got to try a Kimono on!
It was so fun!
I love learning about new cultures and new traditions.

I felt bad because all the Japanese ladies were catering to me!

Have a great day everyone!



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